Our Document Management, Capture & Workflow solutions contain features that support businesses in the storage and quick retrival of information, replace paper-based processes and automate workflows.

M-Files Enterprise Content & Document Management

M-Files manages all of your enterprise information such as documents, projects and business processes and adds intelligence by combining it with information from other systems like SharePoint, Salesforce and SAP. This ensures you always find what you need, no matter what system you’re using. M-Files can be deployed on-premise or via our Stem hosting solution – depending on your exact needs.

Document Capture – Kodak Capture

We provide a range of document capture solutions to digitise large volumes of paper documents and automate the indexing, routing and storage of these documents with no manual intervention.

Document Workflow and Formate eVo

Our Document Workflow software supports businesses in the creation of paperless processes that contain rules and logic. Formate eVo takes data from a host system, from Sage to SAP, typically as a print file and transforms it into a ready-to-send document and delivers it by the most appropriate method.

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