At Stem we look at all elements of business continuity including planning and development, work area recovery, IT and telephone systems recovery and data backups. Our onsite data centre, 24/7 support helpdesk and team of certified business continuity professionals ensure we keep your business up and running when an incident threatens to disrupt it.

Work Area Recovery

Our Work Area Recovery service is often used by customers as part of an overall Business Continuity strategy to reduce risk of staff being unable to access IT or phone systems, or work in their office building.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, our workplace recovery suit will be configured to your organisation’s exact requirements with IT and phone systems set-up and ready to go.

Business Continuity Planning

A power failure, fire or flood can occur at any given time, and even minor interruptions can spell disaster for organisations both large and small. Having a business continuity plan in place means you’re prepared for any eventuality. At Stem, our experienced and certified team of business continuity specialists can offer help and guidance in the following ways:

  • Work with you to identify and understand industry compliance regulations
  • Establish actionable steps with stakeholders
  • Assist in the creation of a bespoke business continuity plan
  • Assist in writing business continuity procedures that are tailored to your exact needs

Data Backup

Loss or corruption of data can have a negative impact on your day-to-day business operations and reputation. With our data backup services, the security and availability of your data is never in doubt. Our teams can work to ensure your data is backed up securely in-house, or remotely using our on-site data centre. We also provide data backup validation services to test not just files and directories but entire servers and IT systems.

Call Centre Recovery

Telephone system failures can arise due to a number of issues from hardware failures to a loss of phone circuits or SIP. When there is no redundancy or failover built into the design of the telephone system, it can spell major disruption as well as a loss in revenue. Telephony therefore needs to be a vital component of your overall business continuity capability and an area we have experience and knowledge in supporting and recovering.

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